Levi K 12/29/2023
I could not be more grateful for entire staff at Riverview. I was traveling across the state and my transmission blew out a mile out of town. We got towed to the dealership and Allison made sure our pickup got looked at right away and fought tooth-and-nail with our warranty company to make sure they covered it. We needed to get home before the work would be finished, so Anthony (the OWNER) drove me 2+ hrs in inclement weather to Sioux Falls to get a rental vehicle. There are still great people in the world and the folks here prove that!

Sue 7/11/2023
I was in town for the Scavenger's Journey (about 4 hours away from home) when my vehicle started shaking/vibrating heavily! I was in Chamberlain, & had to wait until someone opened. They guys at CarSwap checked me out & determined the problem, but did not have the parts to get me going. They called all over the area to find someone who could help. The sent me over to Riverview Chevrolet as they were told they had some parts to help. Allison assured me right away that they would check everything over & see what they could do. She also offered me one of their vehicles to drive right away. I was too upset to take her up on it, so just went on a long walk. Chuck, one of their service techs, offered to check out my vehicle even though I had no appointment & he had other work to do. He was very thorough, & came up with a list of items that needed to be addressed--well over what the vehicle was worth. He even showed me what was wrong under the truck & showed me how it was very unsafe to drive it. He offered to fix the items that would get me home as safe as possible, for the least amount, as I would never be driving that truck again. They even threw in a free tire as one of mine was "out of round"!! Their kindness was just overwhelming!!! Later, Allison even insisted I go for lunch & get in some sales with their vehicle so that my entire day wasn't just used up in the mechanics shop!! Yes, it was a large bill, but they didn't have to add me to their list of repairs, & Chuck even worked through his lunch to put me back on the road sooner!! They went out of their way to give me the best customer service , as quickly as possible for as little cost as possible!! I am forever grateful!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy 7/7/2023
Last week plus 2 hours my wife and two grandkids pulled into the gas station to your east. As I began filling my wife in a very agitated state came around and said "something is the matter with the camper tire". When I went around I could see a large screw sticking in the tread and air spewing out. This couldn't be good. The tire was still mostly up but it couldn't last. We asked the young clueless men inside if there was a tire repair shop around. The manager at a back desk mentioned possibly next door at the Chevy dealer. By the time the tank was filled and we had crept over to your dealership the tire was flat and the sidewall destroyed. Going in we found that we had arrived at lunch time....our timing. Anyway Allison Roberts was on it and made an appointment for after lunch. Shortly after lunch Brandon was out with a jack and lifting the travel trailer. The tire was demolished, a new tire ordered put on and put back onto the camper. All the time as this progressed I was wondering how to send kudos and attaboys (and attagirls) for their response. Please accept this and give them that raise for quality customer care. By the way after the 2 hour delay we finally arrived in Hill City. It was still raining, the campground manager said "it's a good thing you didn't get here 2 hours earlier it was just pouring out". PTL and thanks ever so much

Michelle 2/21/2023
We were headed home, and my car decided to have some issues. We pulled in to see their hours and looking for a key drop and found Anthony. They're working on a Sunday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon thank the Lord. He immediately offered to help us, even though he was working on something with his children, offered his mechanic up right away to see if he could help figure out what was going on with the car so that the six of us including three small children could get back on the road. I am eternally grateful to these guys. I couldn't believe how helpful going above and beyond to get us back on the road on a Sunday. Thank you guys for everything and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You're all top notch guys!

Gary Schmucker 1/11/2023
We hit an Elk at 12:30AM on New Year's Eve. We limped the car to a hotel in Oacoma from about 40 miles outside of town which took almost 3 hours. The radiator was busted and the engine nearly overheated a couple of times so we had to stop and let it cool off. It was about 20 degrees with a stiff wind from the south. We couldn't stay on the highway through the night and knew that we had to get to a hotel. We picked the perfect hotel apparently. It was about a stone's throw away from Riverview Family Chevy. We were not expecting to see anyone at the dealership on New Year's Eve and fully expected to stay at the hotel for a couple/few nights as my car wasn't going any farther with the damage it had sustained. That's where Randall Harlan stepped in to save the day! The dealership was supposed to be closed that day. For unknown reasons, Randall decided he'd go into the dealership that morning thinking some folks might need some help over the New Year. It's a busy interstate and things like an early morning New Year's Eve Elk strike happen at the most inopportune times! We decided to see if Riverview Family Chevy could possibly get the car's radiator fixed so that we could get home. Unfortunately, no mechanics were in that day and we'd have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to have a mechanic take a look and attempt a fix. Not a big deal as we were expecting to stay a few days anyway because of the condition of the car. We really wanted to get home as we were on our last 800 miles of the road trip. It appeared that we were going to be ringing in the New Year in a hotel vs. with our families and friends. There were no rental cars anywhere close to our location and no Taxi's to get us to an airport to get home. Well, I couldn't believe the stroke of luck when Randall tells us that he's got a 2009 Chevy Suburban sitting on the lot that we may want to look at. He tells us there's a black Chevy Suburban on clearance and it could be our ticket home if we were serious about getting home right away. We walk out to the lot and I'm looking around for this cheap banged up barely driveable vehicle and totally don't believe what I'm seeing. I walked right past the one he was talking about since I couldn't believe that could be the right vehicle he was talking about. It looked way to nice for a "cheap" ride home. Low and behold... $3,900.00 was the sticker price. Great price... but we couldn't quite scrounge up enough cash for that amount. We were absolutely flabbergasted with what the Riverview Family Chevy folks and Randall were able to do for us. Randall was able to work with us when we told him we could only come up with around $3,000.00 for a vehicle between the two of us. Randall and Riverview Family Chevy have a heart! They sold us their dealersip loaner, a 2009 Chevy Suburban, for $3000.00 + tax! Wow! We went from desperation and dispair at 1:30AM to cloud nine happiness at 12:30PM when we hit the road. I thought we would be sitting their for DAYS... not less than 12 hours! :o) I was speechleess! Not only did they hook us up with a great way to get home; they let me leave my broken Audi behind their building until the insurance claim process began. They even went so far as to set me up with a body shop that they trusted and frequently use. It was in the area and low and behold, the shop they hooked me up with was a direct shop with my insurance carrier. My mind was blown! Thank you Randall Harlan and Riverview Family Chevy! You are absolutely amazing! Having my car fixed there will be much less hassle for me vs. towing it 800 miles to be fixed at home. If you want to buy a car from some folks who really care about others, buy your car at Riverview Family Chevy and see if Randall Harlan can help you find the perfect fit for what you need! Thanks again Riverview Family Chevy!

Heidi J 8/15/2022
We broke down on our way back from Sturgis. Stopped at this facility on Saturday and they were super helpful. They directed us to where we could go to get a rental so we could make it the other 6 hours home. Such friendly customer service, we REALLY appreciate the help!!

Danny H. 2/18/2022
I was on my way to Rapid City to deliver a New RV to a dealer. My plan was to deliver Monday Dec 20 so I could be home Tuesday in plenty of time for Christmas. I live in Bloomington IL. I broke down on Sunday night on Dec 19. I called some shops on Monday morning to see who could fix my truck. The Dodge dealer told me to call Riverview because the Dodge dealer could not get me in for 2 weeks. I called Riverview and talked to Allison. She asked me if I could get my truck there. I was able to get it there. The guys in the shop were able to get my truck in Monday afternoon. They found the problem ordered the part. The part came in on Wednesday afternoon. Dec 22. The technician stayed late to get my truck fixed. I was able to deliver Thursday 23. I made it home Christmas eve at 6:30 Pm Alisson told me they would get me home for Christmas and they did. Riverview service department was my Christmas miracle.

Paul W. 2/18/2022
Broke down going to Rapid City in work van. They got the van in and looked at quickly!!! Then borrowed us a car to retrieve our truck in Kadoka and are going to fix van and we will pick it up on way back home. Everyone at Riverview was OUTSTANDING! They are what the OLD CHEVY BOWTIE SERVICE IS ABOUT!! Thanks to all employees!?

Harry K 2/1/2022
Traveling from Lincoln NE to Pierre SD and stopped to fill up with gas and noticed oil leaking from under the motor. Called a few local mechanics and they were all too busy to help. A local at the gas station suggested I try Riverview so I drove it over to Riverview just a short distance from the gas station and they got my vehicle in right away and fixed the major oil leak within a couple hours. What service, very friendly they went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of and was able to get to my destination the same day. I can't say enough about this Dealership while I was waiting for the repairs everyone that walked by stopped and talked to me and made sure I was being taken care of.

Andrew W. 11/22/2021
We were in town for opening deer season this past weekend and had trouble with my pickup. It was Saturday around noon and the place was closed but we got really lucky and caught Anthony stopping in for a little bit. He dropped everything he was doing and he and his mechanic figured out our problem and had us fixed up in no time. It was by far the best service I’ve ever seen. Thank you guys so much for your help!!!!

Donald B. 11/22/2021
They get you taken care of quickly!

Tom L 10/7/2021
I would like to thank your dealership for getting us back on the road. Your tech Zach for being so thorough and to Scotty for the ride in his cool truck! Your employees went above and beyond to be pleasant and accommodating. Thanks again

Dan K 9/14/2021
Traveling from Colorado to Wisconsin we broke down near Riverview Dealership. The folks there were so very helpful in getting us through a stressful situation! A special thank you to Renae and Anthony for going above and beyond to help us any way they could. If they were closer to our home I would definitely buy a car from Riverview Chevrolet! Genuinely good people!

Meagan D 9/14/2021
My car started smoking and shaking on our way to Rapid City, SD. We made it to the first vehicle repair shop we could find in Oacoma, and it was closed. After 30 minutes of calling the local shops, the owner of this place came out. He FIXED my car, right there, in his dress clothes. We made it to Rapid to enjoy our vacation because of the kindness and knowledge of Anthony!

Amber K 9/13/2021
Shout out to Randall! He went above and beyond the extra mile for any quality service experience I have ever received while car buying! I love my new vehicle and how he took the time to get to know me and my needs as a customer! He delivered the best car buying experience to me ever and I will definitely do business with him again!

Beverly H. 7/26/2019
My husband and I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Anthony Farnsworth. On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, we were traveling toward our home in Tennessee when we had an issue with our car. Even though it was a few minutes past closing time, Anthony graciously spent his own time helping us get on our way. Your business is fortunate to have such a kind and caring employee. Thank you again, Anthony! We are home now because of you.